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Arts & culture


Gondolas instead of cars, canals instead of streets – Venice is a unique city with a unique history: magnificent historical buildings, numerous art galleries and its own romantic charm – like a painting in which you can go for a walk. Venice is an open-air museum. You can get there in an hour from Jesolo thanks to public transport such as buses and ferries; we strongly recommend you to take this opportunity and spend one day there.

The lagoon islands

Burano, Murano and Torcello: who has never heard of it? Three small islands but rich in history, culture and handcraft, but also San Lazzaro degli Armeni or San Francesco del Deserto offer insights into the rich historical and folkloric heritage of our Venetian Lagoon recognized as a World Heritage Site.


Characteristic fortified city, full of historic buildings and handcraft shops, Treviso offers also tasty agri-food products. In Treviso and throughout the La Marca Trevigiana area you can discover architectural, historical, and important naturalistic paths following the banks of the Sile river. It can be reached in 40 minutes by car.

The Venetian villas

Located in all the provinces of the Veneto region, they represent the most vivid and faithful testimony of “life in a villa” in the past. Overall, there are more than 5000 villas representing a historical, architectural and cultural heritage that attracts many tourists from all over the world.


Easily accessible by public transport, it is only 80 km from Jesolo. We suggest you to visit: Prato della Valle; Piazza delle Erbe which, as in the past, is still home to one of the most famous open-air markets; the Palazzo Della Ragione; Palazzo del Bò seat of the prestigious university since 1493; the famous Scrovegni Chapel with frescoes by Giotto;
The Basilica of Sant’Antonio is a destination for continuous spiritual and religious pilgrimages from all over the world. It is an hour’s drive from Jesolo.


Visit the “city of a hundred horizons”, the pearl of Veneto, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, a pleasant retreat for artists and famous people, immersed in the greenery of the Asolo hills.
Pedemontano Itinerary: it is a suggestive alternative to the art cities; it is the interesting route that crosses the beautiful village of Asolo, Bassano, Marostica and a bit of the entire Veneto foothills. Just an hour and a half drive from Jesolo.


Just 80 km from Jesolo, you can visit Vicenza, the city of Palladio. Famous Renaissance architect and artist whom was trained and lived in Vicenza leaving numerous works among churches, palaces and villas. UNESCO declares the city and the Palladian villas of Veneto World Heritage Sites.


Verona is a city symbol of love with the “Romeo and Juliet balcony” from where
Shakespeare drew the famous tragedy but also a city full of artistic, historical and cultural testimonies, such as the Arena, the third largest Roman amphitheater in Italy in size after the Colosseum. UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site for its urban structure and architecture. From Jesolo it is 150 km away.


Trieste is located 140 km from Jesolo and you can reach it by car or train. City of Umberto Saba and Italo Svevo, it is a crossroads of cultures and religions, a
consequence both of its geographical position of “frontier” and of the historical vicissitudes that have made it a meeting point for many peoples. Wonderful is the Miramare Castle overlooking the Gulf of Trieste, a few kilometers north of the city; it was built at the behest of Maximilian of Habsburg, archduke of Austria and emperor of Mexico and was subsequently home to Duke Amedeo d’Aosta. We suggest you to visit also the Grotta Gigante, a cave on the Italian side of the Karst of Trieste.